Sunday, February 15, 2009


Welcome students to the e-portfolio! Here is the place to share your blog posts and reflect on each other's work.

About the teacher:

My name is El
eni Argyriou and I teach EFL in the state vocational school of Livadia. I hold a MEd in TESOL and I have been involved in technology since 2006. I'm interested in CALL, virtual environments and blended learning.

The Project
This e-portfolio is a collection of blog-based lesson posts and reflections written by yourself.

The Objectives
To collect evidence on students' answers to blog-based lesson tasks.

Teenagers, 15-17 years old, of the technical vocational school

These are the steps you have to follow in order to accomplish with the blog-based lesson tasks

  1. Create a blog in Blogger (You will do this just once)
  2. Email your teacher the link to your blog post. (You will do this just once)
  3. Write a short biography in 'My Profile'. (You will do this just once)
  4. Upload a photo or avatar (depending on students' age) (You will do this just once)
  5. Post on your blog every time you finish a blog lesson. Follow the class schedule to know what to post in each entry.

  6. Schedule

    Lesson 1 February 20, 2009.
    Tasks on the web-based lesson on phobias

    1. Post your advice on phobias and write comments to at least two of your classmates "advice on phobias" posts. Think of which you think is more persuasive to follow.
    2. Did you enjoy your first web-based lesson? Why? Share your reflections.

    Your blog should contain:
    1. Biography (You will add this just once)
    2. Posts (All posts your teacher requests to be published in your blog)
    3. Reflections (Think of the things you learn during the lesson)

    Qualitative : 10% (Reflections, quality of posts, interaction of peers)
    Quantitive: 30% of total (Number of posts during the school year)


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